Echoes of Silence

by Sarcalogos

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Total Run Time 20:39


released February 26, 2016

Recording by Sarcalogos
Skylar Occisor - Satan's Strings and Howls
Dave Phillips - Hammers



all rights reserved


Sarcalogos Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: The Flood is Inevitable (Floods I)
Down on your knees every Sunday
Nowhere to kneel when the church is washed away

Hailstorm, windstorm, snowstorm, fog

Torrential downpour
Nothing can stop the oncoming waves
Funeral windstorm
Nothing can stop the oncoming hate

I can see the waves in the distance
White capped by the heavy wind
The sea level rises
The sea swells and bends

Washed away immediately, All you know and all you see
You pray to your holy father
He can’t hear you undersea

Where is your savior
When you are under
50 feet
of water
Drown! Asphyxiate! Suffocate! Flood!
Track Name: Daybreak Over a Sunken Kingdom (Floods II)
As day breaks, a grey horizon
A new day, an old world

Storms swirl, elsewhere in the universe
While our galaxy is forgotten
Nothing survives, impending floods
Into the void, gravity lost

Embers still burn in a hydrodynamic landscape
As the sun sears through the mist an edifice
Is revealed where it hadn’t stood before

The mountains of the north shore
Disappear into never ending space

Gone are the institutions of god
Gone are the religious now wiped from the earth
Gone are the insignificant
The humans, the scarred, the learned

Alone in the ocean of emptiness
Above in the pressureless deep
Beneath what the ignorant call heavens
Where all pain is vanquished

Suffering suspends when we are one with the dirt
All the subordinate drowned
Every Frivolous moment spent

As night falls, we finally sleep
As day breaks, agony is released

Swallowed by the earth
Consumed by the sea
And their insignificance, realized

Swallowed by earth and consumed by the sea
Swallowed by earth and consumed by the sea
Track Name: Echoes of Silence
Waves of the ocean once heard
Now a distant sound in the cosmos
A lost call between us
Floats amongst the earth and the moon

Envision, Reenvision
Evaluate, Reevaluate

I reach out. Nothing.
Hand held out. Nothing.
I call out. Nothing.
Hand held out. Empty.

Imagine your coffin
A loud man, now silenced
Track Name: Soul Terror
Shifted, repositioned
Gone, lost, unforgiven

A ghost of man
Who once was
Alive in light
Disguised at night

Face like leather
Devoid of hope
Asleep in the gutter
Dirty and disheveled

Nothing saves, spirit lost now
Soul Terror, spirit lost now
Faith won’t save
Faith is false hope
Burn the heart
Scorched desire
Soul Terror, spirit lost now